The company My/More Travel For You was created in 2020

The Company is registered with the Israeli commercial register under the reference 015273147

It is an online travel agency.

Head office: 79 Smilansky, Netanya 4243417

The company My/More Travel For You acts as an intermediary between the passenger and the various providers such as: regular or charter flight providers, hotels in Israel and abroad, car rental agencies, cruises, shows, sporting events, transport, services VIP, insurance, packages including flights, hotels and transfers (hereinafter “groups”) and others.


Whenever they are used herein, the terms “traveler” and / or “customer” will have the following meaning: any user of the site and / or Internet user (even if he does not purchase any service), any visit on the site, whatever the purpose, and any Internet user and / or occasional user who, whatever the reason, does not purchase a service through the site

The booking of tourism and travel services on this website is reserved for users over 18 years old.
A booking made by a minor without having been approved by his parents and / or guardian cannot be refunded in any form by the company.

The company will have the right to demand compensation from the minor, through his guardian, for costs and / or damage that may be caused in these circumstances.

The company having the status of “travel agency”, is therefore not responsible in any way for everything relating to the provision of the services reserved by the customer with the company on the site, including correspondence between the detail of the booking and the actual service, the quality and the nature of the service.

Any customer complaint and / or claim related to the services provided by the various providers (airline company, hotels, etc.) will be dealt with by the customer against the provider.

On this site, the customer can enter into a legally binding relationship directly with the Company’s service providers. In this case, agent and / or trust and / or contractual relationships of any kind will not apply between the Company and the client. Consequently, the Company will have no responsibility for any complaint that the customer may have concerning the services, in particular the inadequacy, modifications, defects, non-provision (in whole or in part), etc.

The company will be entitled, within the framework of the website, to address the customer directly to the service provider and / or to other relevant sites.

Any information appearing on this site being transmitted originally by the service provider and / or another factor, does not engage the responsibility of the company as for the veracity of this information and / or the details mentioned and the customer will not be able to formulate any complaint and / or claim against the company regarding the service offered to it.

The use of the company’s site implies in all things the irrevocable approval of the customer of the conditions of these site regulations.

The user of this site declares and affirms that they know that the company holds all the rights of ownership of the site, including everything that appears and is there.


We thank you for your booking and hope you will be satisfied with your vacation and the service.

The services offered on this site are the responsibility of the various service providers.

The My/More Travel For You company declines all responsibility for the various incidents or defective services linked to the services offered on the site.

The My/More Travel For You company declines any responsibility with regard to: strikes, weather conditions, public holidays, etc.

Any booking of tourist services of any kind, made on the site, constitutes an agreement (electronic signature) of all the conditions and restrictions detailed in this agreement.

It is hereby agreed that any complaint and / or claim by the passenger with regard to the My/More Travel For You company must be presented in writing no later than 10 days after the event and in any case no later than 10 days after the return of the passenger to their country of origin.

Procedure for processing a booking.

After choosing the desired promotion, enter the details of the booking and payment.

Your booking is either sent to the responsible agent in the agency who processes it in front of the providers concerned or automatically approved by the system.

The booking that is being requested must be approved definitively by the aviation companies, hotels and the various providers.

The final agreement will be given to the passenger by the responsible agent according to opening hours, in writing or by email. Cancellation fees will be applied from the confirmation of the credit card company and the booking with the provider

Treatment process

Bookings made on the site and sent to the company during its office opening hours from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (GMT +3) will be processed within 24 hours of sending the booking.

Bookings made on the site and sent to the company after its opening hours, i.e. between 6 p.m. and 9 a.m. (GMT +3) the next day, will be processed before 72 hours the next day.

Bookings made on the site and sent to the company on Friday and the eve of holidays from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. (GMT +3) will be processed within two hours of the booking being sent.

Bookings made on the website and sent to the company on public holidays will be processed on the next working day, before 12 noon. (GMT +3)

It should be noted that any order not confirmed in writing by the company is not binding!

After receipt of the service provider’s confirmation, the company, through the agent responsible, will settle with the customer the terms of receipt of the documents and the customer agrees to receive them at the place and time that will be indicated.

Rules and restrictions – passports and visas

Before any booking, you must ensure that you meet the following conditions:

The passenger is not subject to a ban on leaving the country and nothing prevents his entry into the country of destination.

The passenger has a passport valid for at least 6 months after the date of return.

It is imperative that you check the letter-by-letter spelling of the name on the passport that is in your possession.

A passenger who has not fulfilled one of these conditions will not be entitled to obtain a refund or a credit and his complaint will be rejected without appeal.

All clients of Israeli nationality must have a passport valid for at least 6 months from the expected return date.

The company will not be held responsible for any event related to the client’s passport, including validity, foreign passports, laissez-passer, etc.

The company recommends that the passenger check with the company or any other competent body if their destination requires a visa according to the passport they hold.

Non-use of a booking

In the event that a passenger does not show up to obtain a service booked, including in the event of a delay (flights, hotels, car rental, etc.), of any kind, full payment for the service will be incumbent on them and they cannot make any claim and / or claim for compensation from the company.

It should be noted that the delay brought to a service by the service providers is not the responsibility of the company and therefore the passenger will have to settle questions directly with the service providers.

Flights – general

Passengers should check when booking whether it is a scheduled or charter flight.

Charter flights are subject to changes in flight data after booking, including schedules, routes and airlines.

Responsibility for all matters relating to flights is established in the Aviation Services (Compensation and Assistance in the Event of Flight Cancellation or Modification of Conditions) Act – 2012.

Responsibility for all matters relating to theft, including baggage, its loss and any other damage that may be caused by the theft will be established according to the law and the circumstances.

The passenger must contact the airline and / or the company and / or another provider and ensure that there are no changes to the flight and / or the service at least one working day before the date of the service.

Passengers must provide their contact details when booking, so that they can be contacted by the airline in the event of information / changes to be communicated.

The passenger must be provided with the necessary medicines and vaccines in accordance with his place of destination and the company will have no responsibility in this regard.

Airlines (regular / charter / low cost) require passengers to present themselves at the check-in counter three hours before take-off (check-in counters close precisely one hour before take-off). My Travel For You will not be held responsible in the event of a late arrival on a flight and no refund will be made.

Airline ticket conditions

The conditions specified below are an integral part of the plane ticket (s) given to you hereby, and wherever the word “passenger” appears, it should be understood in the masculine / feminine and / or singular / plural, as the case may be:

The company, having a status of “travel agent” , is not responsible for the provision of services by the airlines, including the correspondence between the details of the booking and the service itself, the nature and the quality of the service. service.

Prior to the passenger’s arrival at the airport, they are required to ensure that the following conditions are met:

There is no order against the passenger to leave the country, and nothing prevents them from entering the country of destination.

They have a passport valid for 6 months from the date of their return (for Israeli citizens, the Israeli passport is required) and their passport details are identical to those on the plane ticket.

If the passenger did not comply with the conditions of article 2 above and / or if they did not go to their flight for any reason whatsoever, they will be liable for the full price of the service.
The responsibility in all matters relating to the date and time of the flight will be as prescribed by the Air Services Act (Compensation and assistance in the event of cancellation of the flight or modification of its conditions) – 2002, and the responsibility for all that which relates to the theft per se, including baggage, its loss and other damage that may be caused by the theft, will be determined according to the various aviation laws and the circumstances of the case.

The passenger will be required to pay for any cancellation and / or modification of the flight parameters, in accordance with the policy of the airline, plus the processing commission of My Travel For You. In many cases the cancellation fee is 100% of the price of the plane ticket.
Any cancellations will be made in writing only to the company during airline office hours (Monday to Thursday 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m(GMT +3).) as prescribed under the Consumer Protection Act 1981.

A cancellation notice received after airline business hours will be deemed to have been received on the next following business day.

If the airline does not have an office in Israel, the cancellation policy will be in accordance with the airline’s policy, and consumer protection laws will not apply.

In the event of an error in the details of the flight appearing in the offer, and if the thing happened on the same days after the ticket was handed over and until 6:00 p.m (GMT +3)., the company may rectify this error and passenger no ‘will have no claim against the company in this regard.

Prices shown in a foreign currency will be paid at the transfer and check rate, whichever is higher on the date of actual payment prevailing.

Until the actual full payment of the ticket, the ticket will not be returned to the passenger, and the passenger will not have any complaints against the company in this regard.

It is recommended that the passenger independently acquire an adequate insurance policy (baggage and bodily injury) depending on the destination and the nature of the trip (skiing, extreme sports, etc.).

It is recommended to inquire about the specific instructions of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and / or the Ministry of Health relating to the country of destination.

In the event of a flight in transit, the passenger is required to report immediately to the departure gate of the transit flight; in the absence of a significant delay in landing, all responsibility for any delay in the transit flight will rest with the passenger and the company will be released from any liability for any damage caused and / or any costs incurred by the passenger.


Until her 28th week, a pregnant woman can travel by plane without special permission, provided that her state of health does not endanger her and the fetus.

Between the 28th and 36th week, a pregnant woman must show an up-to-date medical certificate written in English, issued by a gynecologist up to 48 hours before departure, to the representatives of the airline company.

Between the 36th and 37th week, the airline will have to decide, on a case-by-case basis, whether the woman can fly or not.

From the 38th week until childbirth, the plane is prohibited for pregnant women and the airline company will refuse to put them on board. My Travel For You will not be held responsible and will not reimburse its customers for cancellation in this case.

In any case, the company will not be held responsible for any health problem of a pregnant passenger and / or modification and / or cancellation that a pregnant woman would request in view of her pregnancy.

Regular flights

Flights are the sole responsibility of the airline company and this document does not derogate from their conditions. As long as the customer has not used their ticket, My Travel For You is entitled to make changes and / or cancel at the customer’s request. After using some of the flights listed on the ticket, any change of date, destination or other, concerning the return flight can only be processed directly with My Travel For You or the airline, in addition to the costs. of modification and price supplements in accordance with the policy of the airline company and / or the company My Travel For You.

In accordance with the procedures of the airline and / or the company, the company reserves the right to charge each customer a handling fee in the amount of $ 30 for any change or cancellation or service in addition to payment at the airline itself for change / cancellation fees.

Any special request concerning the flight such as: kosher meals (to be ordered at least 24 hours before take-off), seats, special equipment (exceeding the authorized dimensions / authorized weight), animals, medicines, fragile objects, etc. must be made to the airline directly.


The airline company is legally entitled, in exceptional cases, to overbook, which may lead to changes in flight schedules. The airline company is required to minimize the discomfort caused to the customer and of course to offer alternatives and / or a financial refund. However, My Travel For You is not responsible for events of this nature.

Online check-in

Customers must check-in on the Internet themselves from 3 a.m. to 30 p.m. (depending on the airline) before take-off and must bring their boarding pass.

Charter flights

Flights are the responsibility of the airline companies and this document does not derogate from their conditions.

The services offered on charter or low cost flights may be limited and restricted, according to the information given in the booking details, eg. : flights without meals, additional invoicing for each piece of baggage, for advance seat booking, etc.

The airline company is entitled to charge a supplement for certain services such as those set out above.

The booking concerns charter flights. Accordingly, details are not final and may change, in particular with regard to dates, itinerary and the identity of the aviation service provider. My Travel For You cannot be held responsible for any discomfort caused to a customer as a result of these changes.


The check-in and check-out times are established by the hotels (generally arrival at 2 p.m. and departure at 11 a.m.).

The number of people in each room booked must be in accordance with the booking confirmed by the hotel and its policy.

The details of the booking of a hotel room will be in accordance with the booking and the policy of the establishment and will not engage the responsibility of the company in the event of discrepancy between the details of the booking and the actual room.

The passenger should be aware of the right of the hotel and/or the provider abroad to change the details of the hotel booking, whether it is the establishment itself, the category of the room, etc. in particular the transfer of the passenger to a hotel of similar or higher quality, without the company being involved and or responsible for these modifications.

The company cannot be held responsible for the quality of the services offered by the hotel, including floor, climatic conditions, room equipment, all of which is carried out in accordance with hotel policy and booking details.

Hotels around the world, as well as in Israel, are ranked by local tourism ministries using rankings that are not comparable from country to country.

If a passenger wishes to advance the check-in time or delay the check-out time, he must do so directly with the hotel and wait for the establishment’s confirmation and its agreement with the requested supplement. . Please note that the hotel is not bound to accept these changes and that in most cases, they are subject to price supplements.

A customer arriving at the hotel after 6:00 p.m. will inform the hotel directly that their booking will not be canceled.

Any special customer request regarding the details of the booking (choice of room / floor / category of room / adjoining room or with connecting door / twin or double beds / additional beds, etc.) will be forwarded to the hotel. for confirmation. The hotel does not make any commitment to accept the request. My Travel For You will not be held responsible in everything concerning its request, its confirmation, or its realization.

The customer must check the conditions of the stay: night and breakfast, half board or full board at the all-inclusive package.

The hotel will charge an additional price for all meals mentioned on the site as meals to be reserved.

My/More Travel For You will not be held responsible for price supplements charged to customers for the use of hotel services such as spa, gym, etc. if those are the conditions of the hotel. The same goes for services such as wifi, parking, fax and anything the hotel considers “extra”.
Cancellation conditions: some suppliers / hotels require a 100% cancellation fee from the date of the booking made by the customer. It is recommended to take this into consideration before confirming a booking.

In accordance with the cancellation policy, the passenger will be required to pay the cancellation fees and My/More Travel For You will be entitled to charge them cancellation fees corresponding to the amount of one night regardless of the cancellation fees required by the hotel provider.

Car rental

The customer must precisely meet all the conditions required when booking in order to avoid any inconvenience and / or refusal at the time of delivery of the vehicle. Most car rental companies require the customer to be at least 21 years old and have held a driver’s license for at least two years. In some cases the rented car may have a more powerful engine, in which case the demands in terms of age and length of license may be higher.

The car rental conditions must be checked in advance with the corresponding service provider.

The customer must have an international driving license and a credit card in their name only (a credit card in another name will not be accepted at the time of delivery of the vehicle). The credit card must be international with visible figures and with a sufficient line of credit for the guarantee required by the provider.

Some agencies, for example at airports, charge the customer an airport fee if the customer picks up and returns the vehicle at those locations. In these cases the customer will be billed directly by the service provider.

In the event that the customer does not meet these criteria, the reservation will be canceled and the cancellation fee charged to the customer.

Moving from one country to another during the rental period may incur costs charged to customers (even if the customer returns the vehicle in the country in which he picked it up).
Note: in case of renting a vehicle at Geneva airport (on the Franco-Swiss border) where there are car rental companies in the two parts of the airport corresponding to the two countries, please return the car in the country where you took it to avoid additional payments.


The details for booking a cruise will be in accordance with the booking and the policy of the provider, and will not be the responsibility of the company for any discrepancy between the details of the booking and the actual cruise.

Sports, shows and musical events tickets

The details of booking a ticket for sports, shows, and musical events will be in accordance with the booking and the policy of the provider, and will not be the responsibility of the company for any discrepancy between the details of the booking and the actual tickets.

Prepayment , cancellation, no-show and fine print

When making a reservation with More Travel For You, you have been notified of a cancellation deadline. Beyond the deadline, no refunds will be made at all.

By making a Trip Reservation with More Travel For You, you accept and agree to the relevant cancellation and no-show policy of that Trip Provider and More Travel For You, and to any additional (delivery) terms and conditions of the Trip Provider and More Travel For You that may apply to your Trip (including the fine print of the Trip Provider made available on our Platform and the relevant house rules of the Trip Provider and More Travel For You), including for services rendered and/or products offered by the Trip Provider and More Travel For You. The relevant (delivery/purchase/use/carrier) terms and conditions of a Trip Provider and More Travel For You can be obtained with the relevant Trip Provider. The general cancellation and no-show policy of each Trip Provider and More Travel For You is made available on our Platform on the Trip Provider information pages, during the reservation procedure and in the confirmation email or ticket (if applicable). Please note that certain rates, fees or special offers are not eligible for cancellation, refund or change. Applicable city/tourist tax may still be charged by the Trip Provider and More Travel For You in the event of a no-show or charged cancellation. Please check the (reservation) details of your product or service of choice thoroughly for any such conditions prior to making your reservation. Please note that a Trip Reservation which requires down payment or (wholly or partly) prepayment may be cancelled (without a prior notice of default or warning) insofar the relevant (remaining) amount(s) cannot be collected in full on the relevant due or payment date in accordance with the relevant payment policy of the Trip Provider and More Travel For You, and the reservation. Cancellation and prepayment policies may vary per segment, product or service of each Trip.. Please carefully read the fine print and important information in your reservation confirmation for additional policies as may be applied by the Trip Provider (e.g. in respect of age requirement, security deposit, non-cancellation/additional supplements for group bookings, extra beds/no free breakfast, pets/cards accepted)and More Travel For You . Late payment, wrong bank, debit or credit card details, invalid credit/debit cards or insufficient funds are for your own risk and account and you shall not be entitled to any refund of any (non-refundable) prepaid amount unless the Trip Provider and More Travel For You agree or allow otherwise under their (pre)payment and cancellation policy.

Please note that you may be charged for your cancellation in accordance with the Trip Provider’s and More Travel For You’s cancellation, (pre)payment and no-show policy or not be entitled to any repayment of any (pre)paid amount. We recommend that you inquire about the cancellation, (pre)payment and no-show policy of the accommodation provider carefully prior to making your reservation and remember to make further payments on time as may be required for the relevant reservation.

If you have a late or delayed arrival on the check-in date or only arrive the next day, make sure to (timely/promptly) communicate this with the Trip Provider so they know when to expect you to avoid cancellation of your Trip (Reservation) or charge of the no-show fee. Our customer service department can help you if needed with informing the Trip Provider. More Travel For You does not accept any liability or responsibility for the consequences of your delayed arrival or any cancellation or charged no-show fee by the Trip Provider.

The company wishes to inform its passengers that it is possible for them to acquire travel insurance, covering cases of trip cancellation for health and / or other reasons, as explained in the insurance policy.

Any modification that is not made in writing and based on the confirmation of the company and / or service providers will not be valid and will not bind the company and / or service providers.

My/More Travel For You will be entitled to cancel the transaction:

In the event of an error in the price or details of the reservation.

In the event of a technical or other breakdown.




My Travel For You provides you with all the information needed regarding covid-19 rules and regulations before, and during your trip. (PCR testing needs, vaccination or recovery certificate, exit and entry forms etc.)


The company wishes to inform their customers that it isn’t responsible for the following:


  • If you fail to meet the travelling requirements you’ve been informed about, and aren’t able to board a plane, or enter, or leave your destination country.
  • If your destination’s entry and return conditions change AFTER you have purchased your trip, the company isn’t required to reimburse your purchase, please refer to your travel insurance company’s conditions for refund.
  • If you change your mind about your trip because of the sanitary conditions, the company isn’t required to reimburse your purchase, please refer to your travel insurance company’s conditions for refund.


If a booking has been cancelled within the deadline noted before, the customer will be entitled to a refund within 60 days of its cancellation request. The cancellation request should be made in writing and emailed to [email protected]


The company will not be held responsible for the prices mentioned on the site and these will be subject to modifications from time to time in accordance with the decisions of the service providers, without prior notice and in particular according to the exchange rates, the amounts of the taxes of ‘airport / gasoline or updated prices from providers.

After the customer’s confirmation in writing for the execution of the order and the receipt of the details of the means of payment, certain price changes may take place for the service booked.


Payment on the My/More Travel For You website is made by credit card only. The company is entitled to announce that it does not work with a specific credit card company, based on its own considerations.

The site is secure and operates according to the international IP standard.

Company’s responsibility

The company acts on behalf of passengers to establish a legal relationship between service providers.

Consequently, the company will not be held responsible for the tourist services which would be reserved by the passengers, including delivery of the service, its quality, defects and other incidents.

Any complaint and / or claim by a passenger in relation to the service he has booked through one of the companies must be sent to the company in writing within 14 days at the latest following the event.


The passenger must independently acquire the appropriate insurance (personal and property) depending on the destination of the trip and its nature (skiing, extreme sports, etc.).

In the event of damage to a passenger, he must contact his insurance company directly and act in accordance with the conditions of the insurance policy.

My/More Travel For You is a partner of ACS. To take out insurance, go to:

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